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2011 MLB Team Salaries (INFOGRAPHIC)

I am not a designer.  I admit it.  However, I have been fascinated by all of the cool infographics that have been showing up online lately.   I have mentioned them and posted a few here in the last two weeks.  This includes the Facebook vs Twitter Infographic or the 2011 Obsessed with Facebook Infographic.

This morning, I got up determined to create my first-ever sports infographic.  I have not seen many online.  The closest I have ever seen something like this in the sports world is the USA Today Snapshots from the printed paper.  I stumbled across the salaries page on ESPN.comand thought that would be a good place to start.

As a former PR man for the Dodgers, I was always taught to stay away from talking abut salaries.  It was just not done.  In today’s terms it is common knowledge.  So I set out to create a graphic that showed the top seven teams in terms of 2011 Major League Baseball team salaries as well as the bottom seven teams in total compensation.

With the Largest payroll in Baseball at $206+ million, the Yankees also received special attention in this graphic.  On the left, as you can see I have listed the top nine individual salaries for the 2011 Yankee players with Alex Rodriguez leading the list at $33 million dollars.

I learned from this that Rodriguez just about the same salary as the entire Pittsburgh Pirates team.  If you, the reader, share this on Facebook, Twitter or other social media, then I’ll know the graphic was a hit.  Now, you tell me.