A Picture of a Super Bowl Fanatic

The folks at Bluekai, a Bellvue, Washington based company that takes a data-centric approach to audience targeting, posted a Super Bowl related Infographic that I thought was worth sharing.  Now, the 2012 Super Bowl still a few weeks away, and there are the NFC and AFC Championship games to be decided this weekend before we jump to the Super Bowl.

I have always been a fan of stats and there are a few that are certainly worth to note from this Infographic.  How about:

**  In the last decade, Anheuser-Bush spent more on Super Bowl Advertisements than any other company ($235 Million dollars)

** In 2010, 33% of Super Bowl advertisers spent (13 companies) spent 10% or more of their yearly ad budget on Super Bowl spots.

** 30 second television sports are going for $3.5 million dollars for this year’s big game.


Before we get to the big game however, the New England Patriots will battle the Baltimore Ravens (3:00 p.m. East Coast time on CBS) and the San Francisco 49ers will square off vs the New York Giants (6:30 p.m. East Coast start on Fox Sports).  Only then will be know the final two teams for the February 5th game.

One last thought, if you’d like to see a nice graphic of the road to the Super Bowl, click here to see what created.  It shows each of the 2011-12 NFL playoff teams and significant post-season events.