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Adding Twitter Button to LinkedIn Profile

Last Weekend, while researching future Question and answer candidate profiles for this blog, I learned that you can now add a Twitter Button on your LinkedIn profile.  I had not seen it before but I quickly learned how you can easily add this link to your profile to possibly connect with new folks as well as push current contacts to this Twitter stream.  I took a picture of my LinkedIn profile so you can see where it appears today.  If you can scan below, I have highlighted this in red.

So the question is how do you do add this?

I am here to show you that now.

** First log into your LinkedIn page.

** Once logged in, click on the blue “Home” button to return to the main page.

** Now click on the “More” tab

** Once there, I clicked on the “More applications” tab

** Now I clicked on the Twitter option after I scrolled down a bit and installed it wit the setting that I wanted to show.  I have more than one Twitter account but chose my main personal feed, @sportsinfo101

Hope this helps you better market yourself.


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