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August is the Death Valley of Months for Major Sporting Events

Death Valley

In baseball vernacular, August is referred to the dog days of summer.
Before we reach August, Major League Baseball teams pass through July and the All-Star break.  By this time, more than 80 games have already been played.  Half of the season has been completed and you usually find out which teams are contenders (see Milwaukee Brewers and Arizona Diamondbacks) and which ones are not (see Pittsburgh PiratesMinnesota Twins and the New York Mets).

But August is a month where grinding out games and nagging injuries takes place.  Come September, the heat of pennant races take over.  As of yesterday, only three on first place teams in baseball were four games out of first place or less.  The Angels, Thankfully, were one of the three teams after winning their last four consecutive games.

That said, I checked my custom sports calendar to see what major events take place in August.  This calendar is coming to the new website as soon as we are finished transferring all of the previous posts over.

Until then, I’ll ask you to name a few major events in August. first.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.
I didn’t think so….  it was tough for me as well.

Yes, you could say college football season, but I am talking about major events in each sport.
Sadly, here is what I came up with for August:

♦ The National Basketball Association Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

♦ The U.S. Open Tennis Tournament (and that doesn’t even start until next week)

♦ The 2011 World Rowing Championships in Bled, Slovenia.

That’s it folks.

August is the death valley of months for sporting events.

Bring on September.

Bring on professional and college football, baseball pennant races and the majority of the U.S. Open tennis tournament.  We need passion, meaningful games and matches and a bit of magic.

Is there any way to fast forward through this final week?