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First Five Things to Do in 2012

The calendar officially says January 1st and that means we all have a clean slate for 2012.  Clear the cobwebs from your brain today and get ready to follow these easy steps of starting the new year off on the right foot.

When we begin anew, there are many things we wish to accomplish.  Things like exercise, organization and goal setting are the first items that come to mind.

Some of us make lists of things to do.  I am one of those people.

So with no further ado, I present to you my mini list of the First Five Things to do in 2012.

1. Update Your Business Networks

We all know how important business networking is, yet often times, the lines blur of where are contacts are.  Let me provide you an example.  How many of your business contacts overlap between your main contact database, which rests on your smart phone or computer, and other networks like LinkedIn and Facebook?  Mine too.  One of the first things I did this weekend was to sync my Facebook Contacts with my computer (lots of emails have changed and it was a good exercise) and then I moved to LinkedIn where I added people from my main contact data base.  I am willing to bet that some of us still have business card contacts that have not been entered into any contact list….

2) Refresh Your Resume

2011 is behind us, yet you certainly have accomplished items in your life that needs to be addressed in this space.  It could be a new job, work related accomplishment or just new items you have learned which should be addressed.  While the reports have been conflicted about the direction of unemployment and job growth, we should all be prepared for the next great opportunity.

3) Back Up Your Files

We are all guilty of not doing this item often enough, but a new year brings a new opportunity and a reminder that we will all kick ourselves if we don’t do it and then something crashes.  It is easier to stay ‘whew’ then ‘oh no!’  Hit the back up button and then grab lunch or watch an NFL football game today.  it is that easy.

4) Update Your Computer Software

This is also relatively easy to do.  Many of our machines need just a little attention and yet we neglect them and live in denial.  From computer systems, to operating systems to smart phone apps, it usually takes a few minutes of items running in the background.  Take time when its slow, like a long weekend like this and punch in those updates.

5) Renew old friendships

This kind of goes together with point number one.  However, my first point was about sync’ing and updating.  This is more about outreach.   I enjoy hearing from friends and colleagues with their annual holiday letter, but if friendships really mean something, take a few minutes to reach out and reconnect more than once a year.  Make a call from the road (I have a lot of experience with this), send an email or even a quick text message to let them know you are thinking of them.

Those are my five easy items to begin your year.  I could have goen the much more traditional route and said things like:  clean up your home office/business office desk, clean out the garage or even start a new exercise program.