The Ultimate NFL Sports Agent

It has been a few weeks since I have posted to this blog.

Call it a sabbatical, call it preparing to launch the new version of this blog.   I took a little time away to take care of important matters.

Now back, I have been trying to figure out what was the best topic to come back and engage you, the reader in when I returned.

I had many different options of what to lead with, but after watching a taped version of 60 Minutes last week. I chose to feature NFL super agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Why would I choose, Rosenhaus, who was once labeled on the cover of Sports Illustrated as the Most Hated Man in pro football?

Many reasons actually.  First, if you are reading this and have seen the 60 Minutes feature on him from last Sunday, stop and watch the feature, which I linked above.

I have never been a big Rosenhaus fan, but then again, I do not know the man so its not a fair statement.

What I do know, after watching the feature, is that Drew is:

** Committed to his players, under any circumstance

** Is very successful as a sports agent

** Smarter than I previously gave him credit

** Is just a bit full of himself to think that the National Football League cannot succeed without him.

** Drew might want to update his website.  As I was researching this blog, I clicked on a few places on his site and noticed that Drew has not had any new “news” posted since May 2011.  For the NFL’s most successful agent, he might want one of his tech guys to get on the ball.

That said, Rosenhause is an interesting case study that many folks who want to work in sports need to observe.  Along with Scott Boras in baseball, Rosenhaus is one of the best at what he does.  Those that want to choose to be a sports agent, can learn both positive and negative things from folks like this.

A Few General Observations From the Program

He certainly used the 60 Minutes interview to help brand himself, both during the discussion and his business.  Drew’s company, RSR, stands for Rosenhaus Sports Representation.

The impact of Drew and his brother Jason taking Tae Kwon Do lessons as kids is evident.  The self disipline as well as inner and outer strength has transformed the self described “Mamma’s Boy” into a business threat for any professional football agent today.

Having a law degree from an institution like Duke University has not hurt Rosenhaus’ business acumen.

I’m not sure Rosenhaus uses the word “balance” in his vocabulary.  With more than 170 active players under contract, if he wants each client to feel like he’s their only client, the agent is certainly tired by the end of the week.

In a business world were people want to see success and copy it, when it comes to sports agents, specifically in professional football, there is no one out there like Drew Rosenhaus.