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World’s Most Valuable Brands in Social Media

Yesterday morning, I was playing catch up with several of my email  in boxes when I came across an interesting social media info graphic, compliments of fellow sports marketer Joe Favorito.

Joe sends out an interesting Sunday newsletter and yesterday’s version contained a link to this Infographic who’s sub header read: How Social are the World’s Most valuable brands.

Now, Google, followed by Disney were listed at the top of the chart, followed by AppleStarbucks, Blackberry and Coke (Google has nearly five million people that like their facebook page while Starbucks has more than 26 million folks).

Once again, I immediately looked, NOT at the individual companies at first, but at the categories represented in the graph. Some of the expected listings included technology, media, restaurants and beverages.  The graph stated that this company looked at the value of 50 of the world’s leading brands.

Now, I think anyone that reads this blog regularly knows and believes like I do that some sports organizations are some of the most valuable brand names, at the very least in the United States. However, there was not one sports team included in this chart. Was the sports category overlooked by the good folks at Socialgility or did they feel that sports organizations simply did not qualify to be included in this chart?

To defend the chart, it said World’s brands not just the United States, but there probably not many places you can go in the world and not hear about the New York Yankees, as just one example to think about for now.

The scores are based on five categories, including popularity, receptiveness, interaction, network reach and trust.

Nonetheless, there are important lessons to be learned in what others are producing in this space, one being that there is a high correlation between social media performance and brand value.